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Advertising on Rock93X Radio website
  We will run your text ad on our website for a monthly fee of $29.95.
30 second radio spots are 2.00 per spot.  Min. 14 spots per week.  Spots run 2 per day for 7 days at various times.  To pick your exact times spots are 3.00 per spot.
These spots are for general rotaion only, and does not include sponsoring any of our shows.  
If payment is made in advance for a 6 month contract, the rate is 1/2 price.

If you would like to sponsor a one, two or three hour show, please contact us for show rates.
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Band Submissions

Looking to have your music played on air? All you have to do is submit your EPK (Electronic Press Kit) to us via email. We will review your submission in most cases by 15 days and let you know if it is accepted. By using this method it cuts down on search time that we normally have to go through.

Email:   Subject Line: Band Submission

1. Please make sure your music fits our station format. This is Active Rock / Hard Rock - Classic Rock - Southern Rock - Melodic Rock - Some Metal.
For example::: Death Metal, Black Metal, Screamo will not be accepted. So again please make sure your submissions matches what we play.
2. If your songs / album are not accepted you will not be notified. You will only be notified if we add to our rotation. This cuts down on any administration time that we need to utilize as there is not much of it to go around.
3. If an EPK is not sent, we regretfully will not review your submission.
Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us

***By submitting your EPK you agree that and its affiliates have authorization to air your music through the world wide web by way of shoutcast streaming to not only USA but the world.

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